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Attention Doctors , Nurses medical professional : MOH Exam Registration / Licencing Exam / Dataflow Started!! Check your MOH eligibility and start the Process of Application.

Medical Professionals in Saudi, UAE, Dubai, a wonderful chance to complete your MOH certificate verification process, otherwise known as Dataflow.

DataFlow Group has been entrusted by governments, regulators, organizations and Fortune 500 companies worldwide to provide discreet, timely and accurate screening solutions that support them in making sound, fact-based HR decisions. As a result, today, we annually conduct hundreds of thousands of screening and verification transactions, all tailored to the requirements of the organisations we work with, from ministries, immigration departments, professional licensing authorities and public sector organisations to healthcare, engineering, education, oil and gas, banking and commercial institutions.

The MOH medical license exam is an assessing test put forth by the Ministry of Health of UAE for appointing healthcare professionals to work in varying healthcare sectors within the UAE. Those applicants qualifying the MOH examination can work in all the 5 Emirates except Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The MOH exam is applicable for professions


  • Physicians
  • Dentists
  • Pharmacists
  • Nurses and midwives
  • Medical lab technicians
  • Other complementary and alternative physicians,
    practitioners and technicians.

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Data Flow and Its cost is as follows:

  • Doctors — 1235-1500 AED
  • Nurses & Allied Health Professionals — 935-1400 AED
  • Additional Document* — 300 – 450 AED

Each Package includes the verification of: – 1 Educational qualification,- 1 Health license

Required years of experience as per DHA requirements
* In case additional degree, license or employment certificate are Required by DHA, an additional cost of 300 AED per document will be added to the total to be paid .Paid Dataflow Fees are refundable, incase Applicant requests for a refund within 48 hours from the time of making the payment or in case of any additional payment made due to ignorance/mistakenly shall be refunded.

  1. Alternative Medicine — 950-1100 AED
  2. Clinical Support — 950-1100 AED
  3. Consultant Dentist — 1600-1900 AED
  4. Consultant Physician — 1600–1900 AED
  5. GP Dentist — 1200–1600 AED
  6. Medical Practitioner — 1200–1500 AED
  7. Nursing & Midwifery — 950-1400 AED
  8. Pharmacy — 950-1500 AED

Each Package includes the verification of 1 educational qualification, 1 health license and required years of experience as per HAAD PQR

Ministry of Health -UAE (Sharjah, Ajman, Ras al qamah, Fujera and ummal qawamh)

Doctors — 900 – 1200 AED
Dentists — 900 – 1400 AED
Technicians — 600 – 1000 AED
TCAM – 600 – 1000 AED
Pharmacist — 600 – 1000 AED

Each Package includes the verification of 1 educational qualification, 1 health license and required years of experience as per HAAD PQR

  1. Physicians — 135 – 185 OMR
  2. Nurses-Degree — 110 – 155 OMR
  3. Nurses-Diploma — 100 – 145 OMR
  4. Pharmacist — 110 – 175OMR
  5. Allied Health staff — 80 – 140OMR
  6. Additional document — 60 – 120 OMR
  7. Cross check &police clearance — 90 – 130 OMR

* Price above only applies in the case of receiving documents online.
* The above price of packages is only applicable if documents are submitted for verification as a single transaction. * In the event that the application was incomplete and the candidate provided insufficient information after a period of 30 calendar days, the application will be treated and charged as a new transaction.

  • Doctors and Dentists — 880 – 1400 QAR
  • Allied Health specialists — 660 – 1250 QAR
  • Additional degre — 330 – 950 QAR

Applications must provide proof of receipt when they submit the license application. Additional QAR 35 will be charged for onsite applications .The above prices and discounted packages are only applicable if documents are submitted for verification at the same time. Service Provider shall charge the applicable rate of “Additional Document” for any additional documents submitted post receiving the initial package of documents

  1. Doctors – 400 – 1050 SAR
  2. Non-Physicians — 350 – 950SAR
  3. Above fees are charged per document as per the requirements SCHS
  4. Additional administration fee — 30 – 90 SAR
  5. Mumaries — 1400 – 1500 SR

Note: Dataflow fee + taxes are applicable + international money transfer surcharges.

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